All of our fire extinguishers are made to both the highest British and European Standards and carry the CE mark.

In addition they all come with a "No Quibble" 5-year factory warranty, at no extra cost.

We stock a large quantity of various types and sizes of fire extinguishers, please give us a call on 08456 448 248 if you require any advice on their suitability or a comparison quotation for the type, size & quantity you require.

The following list gives suggested types of fire extinguisher depending on the risks involved. Please feel free to click on any of the circles to see additional information about that type of fire extinguisher and it's suggested application.

 RiskWaterFoamPowderCO2Wet Chemical
Class AFor Wood, Paper, Textile and Solid Material firesWater Fire ExtinguisherFoam Fire ExtinguisherPowder Fire Extinguisher Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Class BFor use on flammable liquid fires Foam Fire ExtinguisherPowder Fire Extinguisher


CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Class CFor gaserous fires  Powder Fire Extinguisher  
Class DFor use on flammable metal fires 


Powder Fire Extinguisher *  
Class EFor use on electrical fires  Powder Fire ExtinguisherCO2 Fire Extinguisher 
Class FFor use on Oil Fryers    Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  Mixed risk office areas    Foam Fire Extinguisher CO2 Fire Extinguisher 

* Specailist powder ONLY, NOT standard ABC powder extinguishers.

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