Conventional (Non–Addressable) Fire Alarms

Non–Addressable is found more often in smaller buildings due to it being more cost effective. A non-addressable system is simply comprised of Fire zones. These are represented by red l.e.d.s on the control panel. Faults use amber l.e.d.s.

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Addressable Fire Alarms 

Addressable systems are more advanced and are normally found in larger premises. They will pin point the exact location of a fire through zoning and also the detector activated having it’s own number (address) with text allocated to it which is displayed on the control panel.

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Radio (Wireless) Fire Alarms

A wire-free fire detection system utilises secure licence-free radio communications to interconnect the sensors (smoke, heat detectors etc) with the control panel. Suitable for installation in any type of building with no need for expensive fire proof cable, greatly reduces labour cost and provides hassle free installations.

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