Fire Extinguishers

Regular maintenance is essential with all safety products especially fire extinguishers. British Standard Code of Practice BS5306 Pt3 (2009) recommends that your fire extinguishers be serviced at least annually to ensure that they will always function in an emergency. Our engineers visits ensure your equipment is kept ready for the moment you really need it and are happy to give advice on any of your fire safety queries.

The price we say is the price you pay !

We do not charge extra for the many small consumable spare parts that are a mandatory requirement at each annual service in accordance with BS5306pt3 (2009). We are often told our total service cost is much less than other companies charge just for the small parts used before they even added their labour charges.

We have 3 simple options to help you budget -

  • SilverAll labour and mandatory consumable spare parts included, engineer will report & cost any testing or other faults found on jobsheet.
  • Gold All labour, mandatory consumable spare parts included, + 20% testing PA included, engineer will report & cost any other faults found on jobsheet.
  • Platinum - All labour, mandatory consumable spare parts included, + 20% testing PA included + a pre agreed % of new extinguishers included, engineer will report & cost any other faults found on job sheet.


We know what we are doing because we are trained, qualified and experienced (Established 2001).
We have to provide copies of all our up to date training certificates, proof of comprehensive insurance cover (including failure to perform cover called efficacy) annually and pass random audits of our work to retain our UK-FA trade association membership.

Beware of those who are not members of any trade association therefore doing un-inspected work, are possibly under insured (no efficacy cover so what if an extinguisher fails to operate?) or have not re-sat their qualification exam in the last 3-years as per BS5306pt3 (2009).


It is solely your responsibility under the Fire Scotland Act to ensure you employ the services of a competent person. This is an un-regulated industry with many sole traders working from home using minimal tools, 2nd hand parts/equipment from the boot of their car with little to no understanding of the current version of BS5306pt3 (2009) or the Fire Scotland Act.

We are not a franchise or local branch of a national company under a different trading name, we are 100% locally owned & accountable to you 1-2-1 for what we do & charge. Why have Central Scotland Fire & Rescue chosen FIREBREAK to service their fire equipment since 2004 over anyone else? Is it because we are the cheapest they could find or that they appreciate quality of product, service & value.

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